Community Resources

Walla Walla University offers a variety of activities and programs to our community members.

Fitness Classes and Activities

Walla Walla University provides fitness programs and classes for community members. Such programs include:

  • 水中有氧运动
  • Kidnastics classes
  • 游泳课
  • Access to Walla Walla University Tausick Memorial Pool with purchase of a pool pass


Walla Walla University offers flight training to community members without enrolling.


The Department of 音乐 at Walla Walla University has developed a program for community members to enroll in music lessons with university music students. Available lesson areas include:

  • 大提琴
  • 长笛
  • 吉他
  • 钢琴
  • 小号
  • 小提琴
  • 的声音

Non-Degree 学生

Courses are available to students who are not seeking a degree or financial aid from Walla Walla University.

Professional Workforce Development Certificates

Professional Workforce Development at Walla Walla University is designed to meet employer demand in the greater Pacific Northwest area and prepare individuals to advance or change their careers. We offer non-credit certificate programs aimed at providing high-quality education and the ability to earn industry-recognized certifications.

Our Professional Workforce Development certificate programs were established to meet the needs of employer demand in key growth areas:

  • Fill the gaps for in-demand jobs in high-growth sectors like healthcare, information technology, 制造业, professional/technical and supply chain/logistics
  • Advance employee skills and competencies through industry-recognized certifications
  • Develop a robust and high-performing talent pool poised for long-term growth